Wylye Manor

The Surrounding Lands

Wylye lies within Bran’s Hill hundred, where the fertile farmlands make it one of the richer hundreds of Salisbury. The lands of Wylye lie next to the Wylye River, the manor itself lies in a broad bend in the river. The river supplies the community with ample fish; this is exploited by three weirs in the river and a fishery where the fish are gutted, cleaned and salted, before they are sold at the market in Floodriver. The river can be crossed at Wylye by means of a ferry. Future investment plans for the Wylye manor are an apple orchard and an enclosure around the manor.

The Manor Proper

The manor itself consists of a main building for the Wylye family and some servants and a gathering hall. Also some smaller buildings are present, one for storing food and produce, a barn with stables that hold up to six horses, one or two smaller houses for the remaining servants and other people in direct employ of the manor. There is a stretch of farmland directly around the manor, which mainly feeds the inhabitants of the manor. There is no enclosure around the manor at this date.

On the Wylye land there is a village with a few hundred inhabitants. The village has, apart from the tenants’ holdings, a bakery, a blacksmith and a small shrine for the Old Gods. The watermill is at the river’s edge. Around the village and holdings is farmland that produces more than enough to feed the commoners and the Wylye family, the surplus goes to the market in Floodriver. In addition, meadowland is available to all for grazing of herds of sheep, cattle and horses that are present. Wylye has no extensively big herds of sheep or cattle, just enough to feed the own population. There are of course a fair number of good horses on the Wylye land, as horse riding is a skill that all Wylye family members possess, most can ride before they can walk properly.

Wylye Manor

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