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Two significant and separate Christian churches exist in Britain, alongside a fading Paganism. The two Christian churches worship Jesus Christ and have some other beliefs in common. However, they differ in the way they dress, worship, share sacraments, and interact with secular authorities.

The Roman Church is a hierarchical, interkingdom organization with its head in Rome, who is called the Pope. At the start of the game the primacy of the Pope is only about 150 years old and established in the Roman Bible. It is modeled on the medieval Roman Church in its appearance and rites. It stands wholly apart from the secular leadership hierarchy.

The British Church is modeled on the historical Pelagian church. It is non-hierarchical, based on abbeys with daughter houses, and its leaders obey secular rulers who generally have kept the right to appoint abbots. In belief, it conforms to their own Testament of Joseph (of Arimathea), which discards the Old Testament god in favor of his loving Son’s wisdom, power, and divinity.

The Pagans are not organized. Some organizations do exist, such as the Ladies of the Lake; and many of the holy places are organizations unto themselves, for all practical purposes.

The Wotanic religion is the religion of the Saxons. It is the vile belief of a vile people.

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