King of Logres

29750 glory

As a one of the two younger brothers of the murdered King Constans, Uther and his elder brother Aurelius Ambrosius fled, at a young age, to the Royal Court of their cousin, King Budic I of Brittany and here he was raised. As a young man, Uther returned to Britain with his Ambrosius, and together they fought for their ancestral rights, eventually defeating the usurping Vortigern and placing Ambrosius on the throne.

Throughout Ambrosius’ reign, Uther has been his brother’s staunchest ally and leader of his armies.


King Uther is a fierce warlord who has fought for years to keep his throne. He is almost 40 years old and has spent little time doing anything but practicing his skills as a warrior. He is a half-hearted British Christian, but also respects the pagan faith and the druids who practice it.
As a prince Uther was the foremost general of his brother Aurelius Ambrosius armies. He carried his brothers banner and is generally seen as a genius in the field and a very skilled swordsman. Since the death of his brother he has become King of Logres – but unlike his brother he has not been crowned as High King of Britain. He can have quite a temper and does always expect his orders to be obeyed.

Born: 436
Son number: 3
Homeland: Logres
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: Pendragon
Heraldry: Vert, two dragrons segreant addorsed or.
Liege Lord: Aurelius Ambrosius
Current Class: King
Current Home: With the army
Distinctive Features: Black curls and beard, powerful physique.
Known for: His skill in battle, his valour, his lustfulness and worldliness.


436: Born
443: Father, King Constans murdered by Vortigern.
444: Uther flees to Brittany with his brother at age 8.
466: Aurelius Ambrosius and Uther return to Britain, landing in Hampshire with an army from Brittany.
468: Known for heroism in the battle of Mount Snowdon.
480: Crowned king of Logres


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