Sir Tristan of Wylye



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familytree.png Born: 459
Son number: 1
Homeland: Salisbury, Logres
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: Family
Heraldry: Argent, in pale three trout sable
Liege Lord: Sir Roderick, Earl of Salisbury
Current Class: Knight
Current Home: Wylye,
Distinctive features: Black Eyes

Forms of address

Common: My Lord
Personal: Tristan
Colloquial name: Wylye
Informal: Sir Tristan
Formal: Sir Tristan of Wylye manor

Notable possessions

  • Silver Arm Band (worth £1)



  • Andreas of Dinton (brother of Lucas), born 465
  • Bevan (bastard son of sir Hyfaidd)


Family: 4 middle aged knights (generatie vader, 36-54 jaar oud)
1 Younger brother of father, alive and married Marc
2 Younger brother of father, alive and married Steffon
3 Younger brother of father, alive and married Arthur
4 Older brother of mother, alive and married Grufudd of Broughton
Family: 5 Young knights (eigen generatie)
1 My younger brother Rodric
2 Neef 1e orde vaders zijde Luc
3 Younger brother twin Cai (died 484)
4 Younger brother twin Dai
5 Bastard younger brother Gareth Buell, died in battle against Saxons in 480, while fighting in the thick of it
Men at arms from within family: 12
Levvy: 71

Notable Family:

  • Father Rhobert of Wylye (437-473).
  • Grandfather Trystan of Wylye (417-440).
  • Great-grandfather Rhobert of Wylye (395-438).

Wives and consorts:

  • Eryn, wife (born 468, married in 487)
  • Cothi the serving wench (born 466) (mistress)


  • Unnamed (f), 480-481 (illigitimate, with Beaty)
  • Angharad (f), 485-486 (illigitimate, with Cothi)
  • Caitlyn (f), born 487 (illigitimate, with Cothi)
  • Aneira (f), born 488 (illigitimate, with Cothi)


Wylye lies next to the Wylie river, and as such has a significant income from fishing. The family also has a knack for dealing with horses, and they play a prominent part in the Manor: all children are able to ride before they can walk.



Father (Rhobert of Wylye)

  • 473 Died in the battle of Windsor, +45 glory – glory at death: 1540
  • 469-472 took part in a couple of raids, +25 glory
  • 468 Garrison duty
  • 466 Fights at Battle of Carlion, +45 glory
  • 460 Rhobert of Wylye knighted, starts at 1225 glory
  • 456 Marries Eiriana of Enford, +200 glory

Grandfather (Trystan of Wylye)

  • 440 Died trying to protect Constantin, +1000 glory – glory at death: 2225
  • 439 Fights against the Irish during the Battle of Carlion, +45 glory
  • 439 Trystan of Wylye knighted, starts at 1180 glory
  • 436 Marries Alwena of Tytherington

Great-grandfather (Rhobert of Wylye)

  • 438 Died of unknown causes – glory at death: 1800
  • 417 Marries Alys of Grovely
  • 416 Rhobert of Wylye knighted


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