Aurelius Ambrosius

High King Aurelius Ambrosius

30100 glory

Book of the Dead

Allegedly poisoned by a treacherous physician, Ambrosius succumbs to the poison and dies on the battlefield of Salisbury, 480AD. HIs body is recovered and a ceremonial burial is held at the Giant’s Dance (Stonehenge)

As a one of the two younger brothers of the murdered King Constans, Ambrosius and his younger brother Uther fled, at a young age, to the Royal Court of their cousin, King Budic I of Brittany where he was raised. He returned to Britain leading an army and accompanied by his brother to reclaim their ancestral rights, eventually defeating the usurping Vortigern and claiming the throne.


High King Ambrosius is a fierce warlord who has fought for years to keep his throne. He is almost 50 years old and has spent most of his life campaigning. He projects an authority that proved essential in uniting the British nobility against the Saxons. Like his brother, he is a half-hearted British Christian, but also respects the pagan faith and the druids who practice it.

Born: 433
Son number: 2
Homeland: Logres
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: Pendragon
Liege Lord: none
Current Class: High King of Britain, King of Logres
Current Home: The Royal Progress, several castles (see The King’s Eyre)
Distinctive features: Piercing blue-grey eyes, clean shaven, regal bearing
Known for: Saviour of Britain, his valour, his shrewdness and worldliness.

Forms of address

Common: Your Majesty
Personal: Aurelius Ambrosius
Colloquial name: Lord Britain
Informal: High King of Britain
Formal: The Most Honourable Lord Aurelius Ambrosius, High King of Britain, King of Logres, Duke of Glevum, etc etc


433: Born
443: Father, King Constans murdered by Vortigern.
444: Ambrosius flees to Brittany with his brother at age 10.
466-467: Ambrosius returns to Britain, landing in Hampshire with an army from Brittany. After besieging Vortigern’s army at Carlion, Ambrosius marches through the entire island, accepting the submission of those loyal to Vortigern.
468: Ambrosius and his army pursue Vortigern and besiege him in his new castle on Mount Snowdon. A battle ensues where Vortigern is killed and his army scattered.
468: Ambrosius summons the High Council, and they elect him High King. He takes the title of Pendragon, derived from his great battle banner.
473: Ambrosius loses battle of the Thames Valley to the Saxons

Aurelius Ambrosius

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