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487 A.D. Of Brides and Brides to be...

one wedding leads to another wedding...

A message arrives from Saxon lands. The marriage of Tristan and Eryn, with tensions amongst the attendants. A restful year, but Winter giveth and taketh away. Unexpected developments for Dalan and Elaine.

Preparation for a Wedding and an Unexpected Letter

After the mission to the north, when all knights are still in Sarum, a messenger arrives for Sir Tristan. It is Brother Talfryn of the Josephe Abbeye in Sarum, who has received word from a monk from Sussex to hand a letter to Tristan, which he does. Tristan thanks him, but asks him as well to read the letter to him. It is a message from Eaglemund, which confirms the presence of his sister Maegan in Sussex, but as ‘she is part of his entourage’ he is not willing to sell her, at any price. It appears his sister will remain in Sussex as long as this remains in hand of Eaglemund…

Not entirely happy with this message, but relieved nonetheless that he now knows his sister is alive, and as far as he can tell, not unwell, Tristan then puts his mind to his upcoming marriage to Eryn. While still in Sarum he arranges for all the necessities for the feast to be bought and delivered in time to Wylye. Invites are sent to almost all of Tristans friends and peers, including Lady Adwen and Lady Elaine, but somehow the invitation never reached Sir Jaradan… All in all the feast will host a hunbdred guests and their retinue.

The Grand Wedding of Tristan and Eryn

Taking place at the end of August, the wedding is a grand event, with Tristan spending lavishly to ensure it is a feast people that will be remembered a good while – much to the pleasure of the Orchestron household and his bride. When the guests start to arrive, they are welcomed by Alwena, the grandmother of Tristan and current mistress of the manor, as Tristan himself is too busy and possibly also a bit nervous for this day. This is probably all for the best, as Tristan thus does not notice that it is the famous Sir Sword (aka Sir Jaradan) who accompanies Lady Adwen to his wedding. Dalan and Lucas of course do notice this immediately and decide keep an eye on their least favourite knight, to be able to intervene if he is up to any mischief.

While the party awaits the official ceremony, Dalan finds the Lady Elaine, who seems happy to flirt with the knight. But then again she seems all too happy to flirt with many another knight too. In any case she seems distracted, her mind on other things than the conversation with Dalan.

Lucas, accompanied by his wife Rhoswen and his two young children, notices Lady Adwen standing together with Sir Jaradan, and she is looking altogetherbored by the stories of his own greatness that Sir Jaradan is lavishing her with. Together they make their way to the pair, and Lucas makes a subtly disparaging remark to Jaradan in reference to the joust that the Sword lost to Tristan. (+5 Glory for Lucas) Lady Adwen smiles and tells Lucas that there is progress in the possible match between her and Baron Duach. “He certainly isn’t a bad match, but he does get tiresome with the way he thinks the world of himself…. Of course he is hardly alone in that regard….” she comments with a sideways glance in the direction of Sir Jaradan.

Then the bride, accompanied by her father, Sir Cloyd, enters to stand next to Tristan. She looks radiant, as most brides are wont to do. When the ceremony progresses, Dalan that Elaine has becomes very quiet. He can’t miss how she’s staring at Eryn with a thoughtful look that speaks louder than words: what would it be to be a bride herself?? Thus Dalan puts a comforting hand on her arm: “It will be your turn soon enough”

With the pagan ceremony is completed, Tristan and Eryn are now husband and wife. They invite the guests to join them for a feast, held outside in the shade of the trees and the late summer sun, food and drink aplenty. Somehow the song of Sir Sword is sung (and will be sung a couple more times that evening) when Lucas hears behind him: “I know what you did, I am not stupid…” Lucas turns around and faces the scowling sir Jaradan with a friendly smile. Lady Adwen however defuses the situation when the walks over and touches Jaradan’s arm “My cup is empty…”, the both of them leaving Lucas and Rhoswen to find some refreshments. Throughout the feast Dalan is enjoying himself and indulging in drink. Lucas on the other hand is far more temperate.

Sir Roderick, guest of honour at the feast, is the first to address the newly weds and gives a speech in which he praises Tristan, who is very brave and a valiant knight, despite his young age. Salisbury needs more men like him! More toasts follow, and then the newlyweds leave to attend to the final matter that makes the marriage definite. As per tradition witnesses are present to ensure the wedding is consumated. But at least tradition has evolved to the point the witnesses wait outside the bedchamber….

Not much later the feast comes to an end, and all go to sleep. Somewhere during the festivities, also Dalan and Elaine go missing together.

Thinking back, Tristan has noticed that whenever people saw the very pregnant Cothi, that there were remarks about the fertility of Tristan, and that offspring should not be a problem. Fortunately, Eryd misses all of this, the bride blissfully happy to be married.

The rest of the year 487 is uneventful, although occasional border forays do occur on the border with Silchester.

The Winter Comes Bearing Gifts and Takes Away

At the Dinton manor, Lucas is blessed with a third child, this time a a daughter, his third child. Unfortunately, his sister, who has been married off, has gone missing. Meanwhile at Wylye it is Cothi who gives birth to a daughter, named Caitlyn. The youngest brother of Tristan, Rodric, has not returned after the naval actions against the Franks, he is missing.

Of Dalan and Elaine – and a Belly

At the Christmas Feast in Sarum it becomes obvious to some – including sir Dalan – that Lady Elaine is pregnant. Not so much by her belly, but more by the way she dresses trying to hide it. A source of great anxiety for the lady, without doubt, as there would be severe loss of honor if it were to become known – rather than merely suspected – that she were with child and without husband.

Therefore Dalan decides on one last all-in attempt to win her hand from earl Roderick. In the new year he visits Sir Roderick to ask (again) for the hand of Lady Elaine in marriage. He is very determined, and reminds Roderick of his key role in the Sword in the Lake. “Are you sure? Call on that now, and know you can never call on that again, Dalan”, earl Roderick responds. Dalan nonetheless insists, knowing it is now or never. Finally relenting, Roderick agrees to consider this marriage, but does warn Dalan that Salisbury cannot allow the Lady Elaine to bring all of her lands into the marriage, some manors must fall back to Salisbury to be given away at the Earl’s discretion. These lands thus not becoming part of the dowry. Which manor the lady Elaine will bring into the marriage he leaves for the lady to choose.

With this good news Dalan goes to Elaine, to tell her they can marry. The marriage is to take place very soon, if it is up to Dalan. Although not at all pleased with being told she will be giving up her manors, Elaine grudgingly accepts the conditions – she does not have much choice, but she does not seem likely to forget all too soon.


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