Of Valiant Knights of the Realm

This tome tells the tales of the valiant knights who stood up for Logres in it’s hour of need. The tale of Earl Roderick of Salisbury, of King Uther and his brother High King Aurelius Ambrosius. But also of knights the like of sir Lucas of Dinton, sir Tristan of Wylye and sir Dalan of Winterbourne Stoke. The tales of the Kings and Dukes ye all know, so all hear the heroic doings of these valiant knights of the realm.

You will find tales of battle, of impossible odds and great peril. But too you will discover tales of the heart, of marriage and love. Of squires becoming knights, knights becoming fathers and sons becoming squires. Tales of undying loyalty, tales of foulest treachery. Stay and you will hear all of these.

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* 490 AD ~ The Battle of Lindsey
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* Wylye ManorDerk

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Massive thanks to Ikabodo for the inspiration and frankly allowing plain old theft from his campaign set-up.
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Knights of the Realm

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