Winter Phase Amended

These Winter Turn rules take into account additional input from The Great Pendragon Campaign, Book of the Manor and Book of the Estate. Fudging is my own, with the aim at playability and clarification.

Winter Phase Sequence

  1. Perform Solo Scenario(s) (If applicable)
  2. Roll for Experience (If applicable)
  3. Check for Aging (If applicable)
  4. Check Economic Circumstances
  5. Make Stable Rolls
  6. Make Family Rolls
  7. Undergo Training and Practice (NPCs)
  8. Compute Glory
  9. Add Bonuses from Glory (If applicable)

1 Perform Solo Scenarios

See page 106 of King Arthur Pendragon

2 Roll for Experience

See page 106 of King Arthur Pendragon

For every skill, passion or trait that has an experience check, roll a d20. If the roll is higher than the current value, increase by 1. If the value is already at 20 or greater, a natural 20 is needed to improve.

3 Check for Aging

See page 107 of King Arthur Pendragon

For all characters over 35 years of age, roll 2d6 and consult the below table to determine the number of stats that deteriorate by 1 point.

2d6 No of Stats affected
2 4
3 3
4 2
5 1
6-8 0
9 1
10 2
11 3
12 4

For each, roll a d6 to determine which stat is affected:

d6 Stat Reduced
6 No loss

If any stat is reduced to 0, the character dies.

4 Check Economic Conditions

Resolve Harvest

5. Stable Rolls

Roll only for Chargers and better, and for any special horses; for each them roll. Apply a -1 for each year of age above 7.

d20 Result Horse’s Fate
1-2 Horse dies or is ruined
3+ Horse remains healthy

6. Family Rolls

Family Events

7 Training and Practice


Choose one of the below options

  • Gain 1d6+1 skill points (To max 15)
  • Gain 1 skill point (To max 20)
  • Improve an Attribute, Trait or Passion by 1
    • Traits: max 19
    • Passions: max 20
    • Attributes: max per culture
    • SIZ cannot be increased after age 21
    • STR,DEX,CON cannot be increased after age 35


Where applicable roll for skill progression

8 Compute Glory

Tally up the glory earned the past year, and add the following annual glory:

  • Income from holdings: Standard of Living in libra (default for a manor: 6)
  • Meeting the requirements of a Chivalrous or Religious knight: 100 glory
  • Trait or Passion of 16+: Trait/Passion Score
  • Romantic knights:
    • First successful year of romance: 50 glory
    • Each subsequent successful year: 15 glory

9 Glory Bonuses

For each full 1,000 glory points exceeded, gain 1 glory point. Glory points can be spent to increase an attribute, trait, passion, skill or combat skill.

Winter Phase Amended

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