The Saxons arose when the ancient gods made the First people from trees. They walked with the gods and have interbred with the great and small among them. The gods made people to have allies against the giants and subterranean forces of Nature. They made different tribes of people so they would compete with each other to manifest the virtues that make humans great. Humans are beings of “courage, individuality, loyalty, and honor.” These virtues were distributed among the many peoples, thus creating the different tribes who settled in various regions of the continent.

The actual Saxon tribes comprise a large group, but other significantly large groups include the Jutes and Angles; all three were driven from their ancestral homelands by the hostile Danes. In Britain they reasserted themselves by conquering and settling this land.

Stereotype: Big, slow, unsophisticated people who rely on their size and physical intimidation to get their way rather than respecting the law and custom of the land.

Self-image: Strong, independent people who rely only on themselves and who will not bend to the will of any soft and decadent folk.


Male: Aelfric, Aesewine, Bassa, Beorhtric, Caedwalla, Caewlin, Centwine, Cenwalch, Cerdic, Coelred, Coelric, Coelwulf, Coenhelm, Conerad, Conewalch, Coenwulf, Cuthbert, Cuthred, Cuthwulf, Cyneagils, Cynewulf, Cynric, Eadbald, Eadberht, Eadric, Eardwulf, Edwin, Edgert, Ethilfrith, Ethelheard, Ethelred, Ethelwulf, Hengest, Hlothere, Horsa, Ine, Octa, Oeric, Osric, Oswald, Oswine, Oswulf, Oswy, Peada, Penda, Sigebryht, Wihtred, Wulfhere.

Female: Aelflaed, Aelgifu, Aethelred, Burhred, Cuthburh, Cyneburh, Eadgifu, Eadgyth, Eadhild, Ealhred, Eormenburh, Hereswith, Raedburh, Sexburh, Wihtburh.

Religion: Germanic Pagan

Germanic paganism reveres a pantheon of gods and goddesses. The chief god of the nobles and warriors is Wotan, the all-seeing god of kings, warriors, and poets. Seax is the sword and war god. “We worship the gods of our ancestors. Our gods have led us in peace and in war, and their blood runs in our veins. It would be folly to abandon that history.”

Religion: British Christian

Some Saxons may have converted to the faith of their lords. “The God of the victors is clearly the God of Victory, and we are wise to emulate the winners in their worship as well as their ways of war. We accept the new faith and swear to defend it against desecrators and heretics.” However, their conversion is often more in name than in practice.


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