Llud's Hall

Llud’s hall is one of the most well defended mottes in Britain, it was built by Vortigern, on the site of an old roman fort. Although it cannot measure against roman castles of rock and stone, it is still stronger than most defenses in Logres. Vortigern spent a lot of silver to build the tower, and it is said that he has large treasuries kept within. It is held by the Sheriff of Gentian and Salisbury, who uses is to hold court and hold a garrison of royal troops.

The day to day defenses of the castle is held by a Castellan serving the King.

The castle is a Motte and double Baileys with ditches and ramparts. A permanent garrison of well armed sergeants, archers makes sure the walls are kept safe.

Dramatis Personae

  • Sheriff of Gentian and Salisbury:
  • Castellan: …


  • 4 knights
  • 50 soldiers

Llud's Hall

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