Eligible Ladies of Note

Notable Eligible Ladies of Salisbury

Ordered by year of birth

Lady Adwen

The beautiful young (but marriageable) daughter of Sir Bles, who was killed in battle. Her holding would make her husband a banneret and a rich knight.

“I heard young Tristan has his sights set on Adwen, did he ask her to accompany him to the Earl’s wedding?”
“No, I hear it is that braggard Jaradan that is lusting after her!”
“After her or after her dowry?”
“Doesn’t matter, they’re both way out of their league!”

Lady Elaine

Lady Elaine is a beautiful woman whose first husband was killed by her base-born lover a few years ago, and who was subsequently hanged for killing a knight. She is rich, but considered an unfaithful hussy by every other woman in the county.

“Is it true? Did that hussy lie with yet another of our knights?”
“Mmmm, what I hear is that Sir Dalan only escorted her to her quarters since she was too drunk to walk on her own…”
“Well, that’d be a first – Elaine refusing a knight at her door!”

Lady Gwiona

Gwiona is the second handmaiden of Count Roderick’s mother, Marian. She is the heiress of two manors. Her last four suitors all were killed in war shortly after proposing to her, but the priest says she is not really unlucky.

“Not surprising none of our knights seems to take an interest in poor Gwiona”
“No, not after what happened to her last four suitors!”

Lady Indeg

This 40-year-old woman is the richest heiress of the county. She holds 2 manors (each with a loyal knight), and 3 until her death. She has been widowed twice and so can choose her own husband this time. However, she is lonely and might like a dashing young knight to keep her company.

  • Born: 440
  • Holdings:

“So what dashing young thing is keeping Indeg company these days?”
“I lose track, she gets bored with them so quickly….”

Eligible Ladies of Note

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