Earl Roderick's Court

Roderick’s Privy Council

Marshall: Sir Elad

Sir Elad, Marshall of the county Salisbury and castellan of Vagon, is an uncle to earl Roderick, the younger brother to his father. He has fought the Saxons and other invaders for most of his life, and is known as a shrewd tactician and a skillful fighter.

Seneschal: Sir Rufon

Sir Rufon is seneschal to Earl Roderick and as such is responsible for the estate and crops. The peasants fear him but also known him as level headed and (mostly) fair. He is married and has a young boy and girl. He has the earl’s ear for all internal concerns and politics within the earldom of Salisbury.

Constable and Castellan of Borders: Sir Nidian

Sir Nidian is the constable of Earl Roderick, responsible for the stables of his lord. Recently awarded the castellanship of Borders castle, and has been in the service of the earls of Salisbury since his youth. An excellent horseman, he will have taught the squires of the household the fine art of riding. There are some rumours Sir Nidian has learned many secrets from a Spanish noble visiting the court.

Dapifier: Sir Amig

An older man, scarred and with a noticeable limp, Sir Amig is a veteran of many battles. Sir Amig acts as earl Roderick’s Dapifier and organizes the servants of the household. He also determines who has access to the earl.

Confessor and diplomat: Abbot Brugyn

Father Brugyn has been a confidant of Roderick and his father before him. Fathert Brugyn is a surprisingly wordly man for a man of the cloth and is widely travelled. Combined with his insight into the nature of man this makes him valuable both as an advisor and a diplomat. He is known for his composure and his shrewd wit.

Castellan of Du Plain: Sir Hyfaidd

Sir Hyfaidd, castellan of DuPlain castle, is a bear of a man and well known as a pagan knight. He raises 4 bastard sons together with his heir and a daughter in his household at DuPlain and goes to great lengths to regale of the prowess of his offspring.

Castellan of Ebble: Sir Jarran

Sir Jarran, younger brother to Earl Roderick, is a well known knight and castellan of Ebble castle, granted to him upon his knighthood.

Squires and Knights of the Court

Sir Jaradan, “the sword”

Sir Jaradan is a household knight at Castle Rock, serving Count Roderick. A skilled and ambitious young knight, he is the best swordsman at court. He is known as much for his never ending tales of his own prowess, as for his actual sword fighting skills.

Squire Gwili of Potterne

Gwili is the squire to sir Elad of Vagon, and is known as a very dedicated and diligent lad. Those with a sharper tongue might call him slow and overly scupulous, but he really is trying his level best. He’s a timid sort, but always eager to help his friends.

Knights Often Met

Sir Cloyd of Orchestron

Sir Cloyd is known as a steadfast, reliable knights. Rumours are that this was the main reason for sir Dalan’s family to have him squire under sir Cloyd.

Sir Hywel of West Lavington

The banneret of West Lavington, he holds many manors which he inherited from his father; he has only a young daughter, Luned. Since his wife died at her birth and he refuses to remarry, his daughter will inherit great wealth.

Sir Kenian of Monxton

Sir Kenian of Monxton is one of the eschille leaders of Sir Roderick, and having proven himself to be a valorous and reliable knight in battle as well as a good leader of men. He is known for his hatred of Saxons, as well as an unfortunate tendency to gamble.

Others Present at Court

Countess Ellen of Salisbury, Baroness of Anna’s Water

The young bride of Sir Roderick (married in 483 AD) inherited the barony of Anna’s Water at the death of her father. She seems content with her marriage to the duke and is well liked by the knights and common staff alike.

Lady Marian, mother to earl Roderick

Lady Marian, widow of Count Reginald and mother to Count Roderick runs the Castle of the Rock on behalf of her son. Her calm nature and extensive experience make this a smoothly running household, where a guest will always feel welcome.

Father Moriad, Abbot of the White Abbeye

Father Moriad is abbot of White Abbey. A deeply religious man, he has gained Lady Marian’s trust.

Eligible Ladies of the Court

See: Eligible Ladies of Note

  • Lady Adwen
  • Lady Elaine
  • Lady Gwiona
  • Lady Indeg

The Earl’s Progress
A “progress” is the route that a noble takes to check on his properties and to move his rather large household to where the food is. The Earl spends most of his year at Sarum, the natural collection point for excess goods. His progress can go in any direction or order, and the progress given here is only a typical example:

  • at Sarum for late autumn, all winter and early spring (16 weeks total).
  • to Vagon for 3 weeks
  • to Warminster 4 weeks
  • to various hunting lodges in Modron Forest for 2 weeks
  • to Devizes Castle for 3 weeks.

Start of Summer:

  • to Tilshead for 4 weeks
  • to Amesbury for 2–3 days as guest of the abbot
  • to Sarum for 1 week
  • to Ebble Castle for 2 weeks, hunting and searching for robbers
  • to Sarum for 1 week
  • to du Plain Castle for 2 weeks, raiding against Silchester
  • travel along the Bourne River valley, hunting in Collingbourne Woods, 2 weeks total
  • to Mildenhall for 1–2 days as guest

Start of Autumn:

  • to Mildenhall for 1 week, perhaps including a hunt in Savernake Forest
  • to Upavon for 1 day as guest
  • to Devizes Castle again, 2 weeks
  • Modron Forest hunting, 2 weeks
  • Warminster, 3 weeks
  • Vagon, 2 weeks
  • to Sarum again, preparing for winter

Earl Roderick's Court

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