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  • The Standard Manor

    _Manors come in many sizes and with many different components._ h2. The Standard Manor [[File:593508 | class=media-item-align-right | 336x518px | standard_manor.png]]Logres, a land rich in rivers and alluvial valleys, is mostly populated with …

  • The Village and Peasants

    %The Peasants%
    Five hundred people depend on a vassal knight. These include the commoners, the knight’s family and steward (if he has one), and perhaps a few religious folk. _Note: the upkeep of these people are already …

  • The Manorial Budget

    h3. In Gameplay Of all the value that a standard village and manor generate, only 10£ is accounted for in the economic system, and is known as the _assized rent_. Of this 10£, 3£ are used for expenses outside the household. 6£ are used for the _normal_ …

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