Vortigern the Tyrant


Book of the Dead

Vortigern died when his own castle burnt to the ground, under siege by Aurelius Ambrosius in 468.


Born: 415
Son number: 1
Homeland: Hantonne
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: Family
Heraldry: -
Liege Lord: Constantinius/Constans/none
Current Class: High King
Current Home: Londinium
Distinctive features: short cropped beard, dark eyes, continuous frown

Forms of address

Common: Your Majesty
Personal: Vortigern (Note that no-one calls the king by his personal name, not even his wife. One notable exception is King Hengist)
Derogatory: The Tyrant, The Usurper
Colloquial name: Lord Britain
Informal: High King of Britain
Formal: The Most Honourable Lord Vortigern, High King of Britain, King of Logres, Duke of Glevum, etc etc



Wives and consorts:

  • First wife: Sevira, British lady. Died 442.
  • Second wife: Rowenna, saxon and daughter of King Hengest

From Sevira:
Son, name unknown

From Rowenna:
Sons: Vortimer, Pascent, Catigern, Faustus, Cerdic
Daughter: Vera

  • Year 441: As duke, Vorigern urges the High Council to elevt Constans, son of Constantin, to the throne as high king.
  • Year 443: Constans is murdered by his Pictish bodyguard. Vortigern elected by the High Council as King of the Britons.
  • Year 446: Recruits Saxon kings Hengest and Horsa from the continent to come fight the Picts.
  • Year 450: Marries Rowena, daughter of King Hengest
  • Year 451: Son Cerdic born
  • Year 455: Vortigern moves Cornovii warriors to Dumnonia, and Votadini to Cambria, where they expel the Irish. Vortigern is persuaded to settle Saxons under Hengest’s sons Octa and Eossa in former Parisi lands, founding Nohaut and Deira. Shiploads of Continental Saxons fl ock to the new theods.
  • Year 457: The eastern Britons rebel, protesting the policies of King Vortigern. The king summons his army, including the Saxons, and marches against hem. A great battle ensues at Kent, in which the rebels are crushed. Vortigern gives the great lands of the Kantii tribe to his loyal Saxons. Many Britons pack up and depart the land, moving to Brittany to escape the rule of Vortigern.
  • Year 462: The rule of King Vortigern has proved unwise and very oppressive, often favoring his Saxon mercenaries (and in-laws) over his lawful subjects. Many nobles have talked of rebellion, and when Vortigern’s eldest son (by his fi rst marriage) agrees to lead the nobles, general rebellion breaks loose.
  • Year 463: Ostensibly to bring peace to all sides, Vortigern and Hengest call a council of all combatants to meet at Stonehenge for a feast of peace. Seeking reconciliation, almost all British knights attend. The Saxons prove their worth through great treachery, though, and the majority of the nobles of Britain are slain in the “Night of Long Knives.”
  • Year 465: Vortigern, with his Saxons, marches back and forth across Britain, extracting tribute and plunder. Many more Britons fl ee the land.
  • Year 466-467: Aurelius Ambrosius invades from the continent and Vortigern is besieged at Carlion.
  • Year 468: Vortigern is pursued to his new castle on Mount Snowdon. He dies in the siege.


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