The Count of Bedegraine

5350 glory

Cousin to King Lucian of Bedigraine, sir Sulian replaced king Lucian as count of Bedigraine. Received the Castle of the Shining Stream in Jagent from Uther


Round, pleasant face with a quick smile and a laugh. Yet there always seems to be some reserve – something unsaid, something held back.

Born: 439
Son number: 2
Homeland: Bedegraine
Culture: Roman
Lineage: Caesar through Lucian
Liege Lord: King Lucian of Bedegraine
Current Class: Knight and officer
Current Home: Bedegraine Castle
Distinctive features: Round face, quick laugh, closed eyes
Known for: Cleverness and ruthless ambition

Forms of address

Common: Lord
Personal: Sulian
Colloquial name: Sheriff
Informal: Sheriff
Formal: Sir Lucian, sheriff of Bedegraine



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