Sir Roderick, Earl of Salisbury

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Sir Roderick, Earl of Salisbury is an heir of ancient lineage holding onto an ancient demesne with many extraordinary privileges and rights. The Castle of Roe Deer Ford came to his family through marriage, with other lands from the king here and there.


familytree.png Born: 450
Son number: 1
Homeland: Salisbury, Logres
Culture: Cymric
Heraldry: Azure, four bars Or
Lineage: Earl Reginald of Salisbury
Liege Lord: High King Ambrosius Aurelius
Current Class: Earl
Current Home: SarumCastle of the Rock
Distinctive features: Strong and lean

Forms of address

Common: Earl
Personal: Roderick
Colloquial name: the Rock
Informal: Sir Roderick , Count of Salisbury
Formal: The Right Honorable Sir Roderick, Count Salisbury; Baron of the Rock, Castle of the Borders, Castle of the Ford of the Roe Deer, Castle of the Kingstown of Hartland, Cockfield, Wildspring, and other lands of note



  • Squire Gwengad (born 464)


Notable Family

Wives and Consorts



See Earl Roderick’s Court


He is an heir of ancient lineage holding onto an ancient demesne. The Count of Salisbury is the most powerful person in Salisbury County and is one of the few Great Barons of the kingdom, with wealthy lands outside Salisbury, too.Sir Roderick is a warrior famed for his prowess, having fought under Prince Uther against the Saxons to the east. He hates the Saxons because his father, Sir Reginald, was treacherously slain by Saxons during the Night of Long Knives in 463. He is as yet (in 480) unmarried and is the most eligible bachelor in Logres after Prince Uther; his advisors are pressing him to marry and sire heirs, lest this ancient lineage is broken.

While Roderick is a trusted companion of Uther, he is not a favorite, like Duke Ulfius.


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