Sir Nidian, Constable to Earl Roderick

2850 glory

Sir Nidian is the constable of Earl Roderick, responsible for the stables of his lord. Recently awarded the castellanship of Borders castle, and has been in the service of the earls of Salisbury since his youth. An excellent horseman, he will have taught the squires of the household the fine art of riding. There are some rumours Sir Nidian has learned many secrets from a Spanish noble visiting the court.


Born: 431
Son number: 2
Homeland: Salisbury, Logres
Culture: Cymric
Heraldry: Per pale azure and or, a horse’s head erased argent
Liege Lord: Earl Roderick
Current Class: Knight Bachelor
Current Home: Borders/Devizes castle
Distinctive features: Unkempt greying hair, weather-beaten face. Sour expression but warm laugh. Straight talker.

Forms of address

Common: My Lord
Personal: Nidian
Colloquial name: Constable
Informal: Sir Nidian
Formal: Sir Nidian, constable to earl Roderick of Salisbury


Wife: Lady Bethell, b. 436


  • Rosser (f), b.453 – married
  • Cayo (m), b. 455 – married
  • Gwyn (m), b. 458 – married
  • Gladys (f), b.463 – married to sir Miles
  • Brunner (m), b. 471 – illegitimate
  • Iuned (f), b. 487


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