Sir Lucius’ holdings are the largest in Britain, after King Uther’s. He is scion of a most distinguished Roman family which still holds broad lands and powers from long-distant imperial days. His ancestors permanently gained ownership of the Dukedom of the Saxon Shore, and Ambrosius allowed the marriage of Lord Ventrius, Lucius’ father, to the heiress of Caerwent, with all the pleasures and responsibilities of the office. All should be well for the noble — except he is a young child.


Born: 470
Son number: 1
Homeland: Saxon Shore
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Roman Christian
Lineage: Lord Ventrius
Heraldry: Per fess embattled gules and sable, a fasces in pale or banded of the first, the axe or
Liege Lord: High King Uther
Current Class: Duke
Current Home: Caerwent
Distinctive features: Young, uncertain underage duke

Forms of address

Common: My Lord
Personal: Lucius
Colloquial name: Saxon Shore
Informal: Duke of the Saxon Shore
Formal: Sir Lucius, the Duke of the Saxon Shore, Baron of Fort Bran (Caerwent), Seafort (Caerwent), Old Fort (Caerwent), Fort Brutus (Caercolun), Broadstream Fort (Caerwent), Harborkeep (Hantonne), Buna’s Island (Caercolun).


Died in 486 AD in a Saxon ambush


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