The King of Bedegraine

9800 glory

Book of the Dead

King Lucian lead the final desperate charge against Uther in the battle of Bedegraine in 481 A.D. The single combat between Lucian and Uther soon started to shift in Uther’s favor – with the two kings trading until Uther knocks aside Lucian’s sword on the forehand and taking off the king’s skull above the jaw on the return strike, the crown of Bedigraine sent tumbling to the ground.


King Lucian is an aristocrat of roman descent, who has provided his subjects with a steady and reliable rule. He supports the old roman laws and ways, and was one of the first to introduce Roman Christianity to the island. He is known a s capable and careful commander who will not risk his troops heedlessly.The king of Bedegraine has been a loyal supporter and vassal of the High Kinbg of Britain, Aurelius Ambrosius. He is less fond of the brother and is clear in his opinion of Uther’s suitability to become high king.

Born: 429
Son number: 1
Homeland: Logres
Culture: Roman
Lineage: Claims a direct line to Caesar
Liege Lord: Currently none
Current Class: King
Current Home: Bedigraine Castle
Distinctive features: Dark, intense eyes. Sharp face.
Known for: His cool temper

Forms of address

Common: Your Majesty
Personal: Lucian
Colloquial name: Lord Bedigraine
Informal: King
Formal: The Most Honourable King Lucian of Bedigraine



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