Aelle, King of Sussex

7887 glory

Ælle is the bretwalda, reigning king among the many Saxon tribes that have settled in Britain. His personal land is Sussex. He has boasted that he will take over all of Britain, and has fought many battles against King Uther. Migrants coming from the continent are continually reinforcing him, although other Saxon immigrants instead ally with his rival Saxon kings.


Born: 999
Son number: 1
Homeland: Salisbury, Logres
Culture: Saxon
Religion: Wotanic
Lineage: Family
Heraldry: -
Liege Lord: -
Current Class: Squire
Current Home: Manor, … hundred
Distinctive features: describe

King Ælle is a vigorous king, popular with his people and successful in war. He has led them from miserable conditions on the continent to conquer
and enslave the natives of Britain and to establish good farms. Other Saxons are continually coming from overseas to this easy land. Ælle is generous to his people, brave and successful in battle.

Forms of address

Common: Bretwalda
Derogatory: Saxon dog
Personal: Ælle
Colloquial name: Sussex
Informal: Bretwalda
Formal: Bretwalda, King of Sussex
Optional Suffix:



3 sons: Cymen and Wlencing and Cissa

  • 477: Lands in southern Britain with a large army and takes over the area. Many of the peasants fl ee, but others are captured and enslaved. Ælle
    renames the land South Saxony, or Sussex. Defeats Aurelius Ambrosius in battle.
  • 478: Raids Salisbury


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