Duke Gorlois of Cornwall

11914 glory

Duke Gorlois is a grizzled veteran of many fights, battles, and wars. He was the first from Cornwall to support Aurelius Ambrosius, who honored Gorlois with this dukedom, and has since defended it from Irish raiders and Cornwall plunderers.

His wife, Ygraine, is said to be one of the most beautiful women in Britain. He has two young daughters by her, Margawse and Elain.


Born: 438
Son number: 1
Homeland: Salisbury, Logres
Culture: Cymric
Heraldry: Sable, a chevon gukes between three lion heads erased of the second
Liege Lord: King Aurelius Ambrosius
Current Class: Duke
Current Home: Tintagel
Distinctive features: describe

Forms of address

Common: Duke
Derogatory: -
Personal: Gorlois
Colloquial name: Cornwall
Informal: Duke of Cornwall
Formal: Sir Gorlois, the Duke of Cornwall and Baron of the Clean Stream, the Bright Skull, Sheriff of Tintagel, Lord of Castle Terrabil, Lord of Camulos’ Castle


WIfe: Ygraine
Daughters: Margawse (b. 473) and Elain (b. 478)


Duke Gorlois has been a rival to Uther since their exile in Brittany. He is a skilled warlord and a favourite of King Aurelius Ambrosius.

Gorlois is noted for his loyalty to his beautiful wife and his tremendous personal courage. However, he is getting old and has suffered many wounds —
his sword is sharp, but his arm is weak. (He has lost stats from aging.)


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