Sir Canuc de Caerec, one of Uther's Trio

2665 glory

The Trio

These three killers are Uther’s favorite thugs. They are big, mean upon command, experienced, and brutally cruel. They sit right in front of him at feasts, and fight beside him on the battlefield. They only kill upon command, and seem to just appear out of nowhere to settle fights, get rid of unruly visitors, silence drunks, or bring someone to the king.

The other two of the trio are sir Heliandor and sir Carac.


Born: 448
Son number: 2
Homeland: Nantes, Brittany
Culture: Aquitaine
Heraldry: Or, on a fess vert a dragon’s head of the first langued gules, between two dragon heads of the second
Liege Lord: King Uther
Current Class: Household Knight
Current Home: Uther’s Progress
Distinctive features: Tall and rangy, piercing eyes


SIZ 17
STR 16

Cruel 18
Reckless 15
Indulgent 14
Valorous 15
Deceitful 13

Loyalty Uther 17
Hate Saxons 16
Distrust (Salisbury) 12

Spear, Sword, Dagger 22


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