King of Summerland


Cadwy is the Magician-King of Summerland, known for his magical prowess and connections with the fey world. Cadwy is not a knight, having come to this throne before Aurelius Ambrosius established knighthood. When he needs vigorous action he summons his son, Melwas, a legendary warrior upon a green horse, famous for deeds. The king is almost never seen outside of his Castle of the Great Bridge, save for when he is hunting in one of his gloomy forests.


This lord is a living antique, ancient beyond memory, who came out of retirement when his father, Gwynn, was banished from his throne.

Ambrosius was content to leave this old land to itself. When Uther became king, he applied his warlord logic to everything, including a desire for
the metals in Summerland. Neither Cadwy nor Melwas even tried to resist King Uther’s massive invasion. The Summerland army followed their
ancient tactics and occupied the strong points, while bands of raiders dispersed. Uther besieged the strongholds, but his troops found the mines
flooded, equipment broken, devoid of workers. The sieges failed quickly due to disease and raiders pillaged all Uther’s supplies, but the worst was the nightmares that plagued the invaders every night.

Uther eventually contented himself with a formal alliance, leaving all of Cadwy’s rights and powers intact, and pressing only for token signs of submission.

King Cadwy continues to sit in his shrouded land, leaving the rest of the realm to itself.

Born: Ancient beyond memory
Son number: 2
Homeland: Logres
Culture: Cymric
Lineage: Summerland
Heraldry: Per pale gules and azure, a servant in livery proper with dexter side of the second and sinister side of the first bearing a cup or
Title: the King of Summerland and Baron of the Castle by the Great Bridge (Summerland), Castle on the Heights (Ascalon), Wells, Baths, and the Forest of Glamour
Liege Lord: Uther
Current Class: King
Current Home: Bath
Distinctive Features: Ancient and leathery face
Known for: His magical prowess and his diplomacy



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