Knights of the Realm

Spring 480 AD side session #2

Visiting the Winterbourne Gunnets

At Vagon Castle

Squires Dalan and Lucas are going through their daily training when – again – an entourage approaches Vagon castle. It consists of Sir Nidian, the Constable of Salisbury with his 14 year old daughter Mairwen. They are accompanied by sir Jaradan, also knows as ‘the Sword’ for his expertise with the long blade. When the guests arrive, the squires help tend to their horses – with Sir Jaradan making quite the point of being above the squires in station, being a knight already.

When the squires continue their training with the lance, they make runs against the shield and the quintaine. Dalan makes a point of showing off his horsemanship in a demonstration that is equally skillful and prideful – both of which are noted by Sir Nidian. While Dalan does well on both targets, Lucas’ performance is less impressive – which is commented on by sir Elad later in the evening, with the instruction to pay more attention during practice.

When they move to return the chargers to the stables, sir Jaradan stops by to pester the squires as they toil away. Fed up with the ego of this young knight, Dalan cunningly contrues an ‘accident’, tipping over the wheelbarrow over sir Jaradan’s boots in a less than artful and insufficiently deceitful manner. A brief standoff follows, but in the end, after an apology from Dalan, Jaradan decides to make nothing further of it.

That evening the squires tend to the guests at dinner, and listen to the knights regaling of the battles they fought in, shoulder to shoulder. The squires can’t help but wince at the shrill contrast contrast between the other knight’s camaraderie and Sir Jaradan’s boastful stories of his swordmanship is shrill, especially when members of the fairer gender are found within earshot. While some of the ladies seem impressed by Jaradan’s stories, the young Mairwen seems bored with the knight. Her eyes cast across the hall and meet sir Lucas, who winks in return. This does not go unnoticed by sir Jaradan, the young knight’s jaw clenching in annoyance.

Then, sir Elad brings up the letter he received from earl Roderick. At Lady Marian’s urging, he instructs sir Elad to lead a diplomatic party to Wynchbank (Windsor) to meet with a prospect for mariage, the lady Ellen of Wynchbank. Sir Elad will be taking his knights sir Cloyd, whom Dalan is squire to, and sir Briant of Stapleford, whom Lucas is squire to. This of course means that the squires will be getting up in the early hours to make all the necessary arrangements for their lords travel as well as their own.

That morning, the squires show up in the stables to find squire Gwili – sir Elad’s squire – already hard at work. Even though he started well ahead of the others, the conscientious youth seems to take longer for each and every action than the other squires – but with an immaculate result on all that he does. Realizing that Gwili will be late, both Dalan and Lucas jump in and help him out, much to Gwili’s relief finishing the chores just before the knights show up.

On the road to Sarum

Sarum, Castle the Rock

  • Out drinking and gambling

Visiting the Winterbourne Gunnets

  • Dalan and the peasants
  • The family and the manor
  • Receiving guests


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